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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 3, 2010 11:25pm-12:05am EDT

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friends and relatives of the man retrieves the severed arm and packed it into a coolerren. the man was taken to a hospital where doctors are trying to reattach the limb. police believe the man leaned over a mortar tube and didn't get out of the way in time. in other news, a 2-year-old boy is safe tonight, but police are still trying to find the man that kidnapped him. police issued an amber alert after the boy was reportedly abducted friday afternoon. the child's mother told police she and former boyfriend were arguing and that he took the toddler. today, he allegedly dropped the boy off at a cousin's home
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unharmed. at this hour, police are trying to locate the man. he may be driving a 1999 black nissan sentra. new development in the ongoing water problems. crews were able to shut off the water so repairs could begin on the 96-inch pipe. wssc is still getting hundreds of calls about people violating that mandatory water restriction. >> reporter: a major sign of progress as a 96-inch replacement pipe was lowered. it's tricky maneuvering with only an inch on each side of the pipe to spare. this ised massive pipe in question with a four and a half foot crack on the side of it. check out all these wires that broke. there were some 30 of them. this is the exact fiberoptic that sounded off.
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officials say that they were several feet away from a near disasters. >> officers are enforcing the mandatory water reduction. >> people have been doing bet for. it's progress, but not nearly enough. >> reporter: yesterday, hubbard gave a homeowner a warning for watering their grass. today, he was at it again. catching a complex running a fountain and sprinkler. there had been nearly 150 warnings given out so far and a single $500 fine. he expects to be writing more warnings as repairs are not expected to be completed until monday. >> it's a short sacrifice for a
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long-term gain. they say residents need to stop all outdoor water use and limit indoor usage throughout the holiday weekend. violators could face a $500 fine. the repairs should be complete sometime on monday. a soldier from fredrik's berg, virginia, has died. morgan mcbeth was killed in a noncombat incident while supporting operation iraqi freedom. she was assigned to the first special troops baaalon combat team at fort bragg. vice president joe biden and his wife made a surprise visit to iraq this holiday weekend. he visited with american troops there. he's also meeting with iraqi political leaders to encourage them in moving forward in choosing new leaders. he told reporters he remains
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extremely optimistic about government being formed in iraq. back here in the united states, a tornado tore through a small texas town this weekend, flipping over mobile homes and knocking down power license. one local res debit who lived there his entire life says he's never seen anything like this. the center of the town looked like a war zone. >> it's something you never forget. i'm thankful i'm still here. >> i could see the debris flying everywhere. it freaked me out. i was in shock for a few seconds. next thing you know, i ran inside and got my wife and 4- year-old. >> fortunately, there are no reports of any injuries. still ahead on 9 news a train explosion shoots flames high into the night air. the dramatic details when we come back. bp say it is a could be a game changer for cleanup in the
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gulf. details on the latest weapon to fight the oil disaster coming up. and 87 was our high today. if you compare that to where we should be, that's right where we should be. we're in the 60s, lower 70s waking up. warmer temperatures, much warmer temperatures on the way and extreme heat. the full forecast in just a few minutes. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens.
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if bison is on your weekend menu, you want to take a look at its usda inspection mark. a nationwide recall has been made for some 66,000 pounds of bison. rocky mountain natural meats recalled its ground and tenderized bison. all the products included in the recall have the establishment number est220247. whale watchers in boston were knocked out of their seats
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when their 87-foot ferry struck something in the water. boaters rushed to get the 174 passengers to safety. one person was taken to the hospital for a back injury. fuel has been spotted around that vessel. they're trying to determine a salvage plan. a converted oil tanker has joined the flotilla at the site of bp's ruptured well. it's described as the world's largest oil skimmer. the u.s. coast guard and bp are watching tests to see if the ship with live up to its promise of processing 21 million gallons of oil fouled water a day. meantime, terrell brown is in a small alabama town where a special 4th of july celebration is already underway. >> reporter: jamie almost went to jail protecting his small alabama town after the oil spill. >> you could have gone to jail performs oh, yeah. it was violating federal order.
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>> reporter: he's chief of the volunteer fire department. he vowed to protect the people of his town. >> i didn't care if it was sweet crude, sour crude, white, black, or yellow crude, i didn't want it in my river. >> reporter: days after the spill, he implemented his idea without permission. two barges blocked rough waves and containment booms stopped oil from coming inland. at a cost of $50,000 a week, the plan won't last much longer. >> i don't know because the oil isn't going away any time soon. >> reporter: bp hopes it can speed up that process in the gulf. testing is underway on a whale, the largest self-proclaimed oil skimmer in the world. even in this disaster, this town decided to keep with its annual 4th of july tradition. every year, the town throws a
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parade. this year has a noticeable theme. wherever you look you can't misthese white t-shirts printed with pride. >> it makes us feel good. brings something good to something bad. >> reporter: along with t- shirts came the spectacle of red, white, and blue decked out on fire trucks, track, to even dogs. as the celebration continues, residents know disaster is just off shore. that huge ship in the gulf works by takeing in water through 12 vent, separating the oil and pumping the cleansed sea water back into the gulf. a dramatic explosion in kansas city when three tanker cars went up in flames after a train accident. several train cars derailed just before the fire ball. huge flames shot up over trees and thick smoke filled the air. >> it caught fire to a tank car behind it that was filled with
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animal fat. one right behind it caught fire. those are $2 million a piece. they're sitting there just blackened steel right now, probably totaled or close to it. it's kind of mayhem. >> officials say they didn't order evacuations because the wind was blowing away from area homes. it did shut down a major railway. a maryland man was beaten, robbed, and carjacked after being lured to an apartment complex by a woman he met in a bar. police say the woman told the 28-year-old victim she'd forgotten her keys and needed to call a roommate. while the pair waited, two men approached and pistol whipped the victim. they took the man's money, jewelry, and cell phone before taling his car. in tomorrow's washington examiner, the new operator of virginia railway express will be ready to take over the train
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service next week. that is a piece of welcomed news from riders of commuter trains that have faced a recent series of setbacks. still ahead here on 9 news, if you're going take a cruise, you may as well go for the biggest ship out there. and get ready for a hot 4th of july.
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a new exhibit is on display at national building museum this weekend. towering ambition features 15 famous landmarks skillfully recreated with legos by adam reed tucker. the show featured 18-foot high models of the empire state building among others. special tickets are required to see the exhibit, which will run through september 5. >> i'm a huge lego fan. love them. >> well, i like your forecast, actually. >> tomorrow is going to be all right. the dry heat will be here. the real bad humidity is coming back in more towards monday. the latest data just coming in. the computer model, the numbers
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as we call it, the official forecast data that comes in that usually runs cool is calling for 100 tuesday. if that's the one that runs cool, it's going to be a really, really hot day. we are talking extreme heat, if not potentially dangerous heat. let's start with tonight overnight. temperatures maybe in the most outer areas down to 59. 67 will be downtown d.c. if you're between there and here, that's where you're going to be. another code orange quality day here. we're seeing air quality go down. today it stayed in the good, but it should go down again tomorrow. we heat up again tomorrow. southwest breeze is not bad around 10 miles per hour. satellite radar, hard pressed to see a cloud. more temperatures here though. we are looking at 76 right now. 72 in baltimore. 70s as we head to the eastern shores. we warmed up today. temperatures back up to the mid-
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to upper 80s. we're going to see that heat up into sunday. once we tap into the humidity to move in with the south, southwest flow, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, those days could be extreme heat days. i'm looking for the possibility of heat advisories being issued those three days because i've got 101, 102, and 100. that's an actual air temperature. we're looking at heat index pushing 105, maybe even above. before that, we have our 4th of july to get through. 94 tomorrow. there's the humidity coming back. next weekend, we've got the slightest chance of scattered storms coming. that will cool us down. between now and then, this is something you can't really joke about. when you're triple digits for several days in a row, especially here in the mid-
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atlantic, we do not get that. record high temperatures for wednesday are 99. i think we would blow that out of the water. thursday too, i think the record high is 100. i'm forecasting record highs, ties, or going above it. >> it struck me when you said next saturday would cool down to 95. thanks a lot. things are really big in the big apple tonight. the largest cruise ship to ever dock in new york is at the manhattan cruise terminal. the cruise ship features theaters, clubs, restaurants, anoa amenities. it includes a 33-foot rock climbing wall. however, does it have stephen strasburg? i think not. >> i was in the majors for 6 years, i've never seen a ship that a big. >> but do your ships in the navy have a rock climbing wall?
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>> they did not. if you were one of those 40,000 fans who bolted after strasburg left the game, you missed a heck of a finish. the almighty righty comes in strong. tiger woods also poised to do something he hasn't done since 2004. sports is next. [ static ]
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[ male announcer ] it's simple, love your heart so you can do what you love. what do you love? see how cheerios can help you do it. had to figure the braves and mets would be good test for stephen strasburg. plenty ofs who have seen their share of hot shot rookies. the mets today in front of a national tv audience. david wright, you're up first. how do you like your texas toast? at 98-mile-an-hours. strasburg, a little shaky here. he would settle down.
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rueben tejada, smoked 97. strasburg had 5 strikeouts. mets doing some work in the 3rd. strasburg left after 5. in the 6th, look at zimmerman scoot around 3rd and score. so we're tied. 9th got interesting. adam dunn doing a little yard work, or does he? is it a home run or not? nobody knows. the runners get bunched up. both runners score. the umpires take another look at it. they go in under the hood, got a little instant replay going on. they say it's a double. so we're tied at 5. just in time for another pudge pop. very same place as earlier in the game. the nats get three off k-rod, and they win it 6-5. back to strasburg here for a second. five innings, two run, five strikeouts, no decision, six
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starts. he's 2-2 with a couple of no decisions. 2.45 earned run average. kid is doing pretty good. oriole, red sox, kevin youkilis, 99 problems but a hit ain't one. boston winning easy today in fenway park. final score, 9-3. how about the mystic against tulsa? the former maryland to the bucket and one. the mystics improved. they won today. we know about his personal trials, but professionally tiger woods is struggling. if he doesn't pull off a big comeback tomorrow, it will be the first time since '04 he's gone 7 straight tournaments without winning at least one. wow. third round today, he began plus 3. tiger, dropping like
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it's hot. two holes later, swing, tree, crowd, bogey. not good. saturday night racing in nascar and daytona for the coke zero 400. this is lap 103. montoya, live life on the wall. he gets clipped. latter on, more carnage. still racing right now. kurt busch is your leader. if you're a casual soccer fan looking for a reason to keep watching the world cup, how about a little trash talk? germany and argentina traded punches after their match four years ago. did some verbal sparing before today's match. when it all started, it was all germans. three ticks into the game,
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tomas meuller, off the header. germany beats argentina 4-0. spain, take on paraguay. talk about cross bars. we saw it in the ghana game the other day. the initial shot ricocheted off but then it deflects in. spain wins 1-0. d.c. united at san jose. the weather is great out there. how about steven king. those boots were made for kicking. that game is tied at 1 coming down the stretch. not over yet. great day in sports. last look at our forecast. >> warm tomorrow but heat and humidity monday. >> well thank you. thank you for watching.
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i got a few strange phone calls on my hotel room phone. hello. each call came at exactly 3:33 a.m. who is this? say something, damn it. (phone ringing) my luggage was stolen. when i finally received it... i found this inside. this building is the tribune tower in chicago. it all makes sense now. over the years, 136 stones have been added to the tribune tower's ground level from world landmarks, including the redwood forest, hagia sofia, and the alamo. he sent me pieces of each of them. that's where he wants me to go. man (over phone): how does it feel to be home, detective taylor?
12:01 am
monroe: mac say when he'd be back from chicago? no, but you know mac, he's not getting on a plane till he gets some answers. messer: and he thinks those answers are in chicago? well, that's where the evidence led him. so this 333 guy... is he someone mac put away? don't know who he is exactly. could be a woman. danny, no woman wakes up at 3:33 to make an anonymous phone call. sure about that? doa is kevin carmichael, train operator. reports of an empty train blowing through stations caught the mta's attention. how many stations did he pass through? all of 'em. looks like the train was hijacked up in the rail yard and for whatever reason, stopped here. people waiting on the platform were treated to this-- ouch. no sign of our perp, and i got my guys up at the rail yard doing a canvass. hey. hey. looks like this is where it started and ended. perp ambushes the operator, hits him in the head multiple times with a blunt object, causing the cast-off pattern.
12:02 am
then, for good measure, hurls him through the window. that's not easy. that takes a lot of force. we ruled out robbery, the vic's wallet and watch weren't taken. and the attack's too brutal to be random. so we're looking into a more personal motive. all right, danny, you and lindsay are on blood and prints. hawkes, you and i are gonna be on the body. hawkes: a cursory examination of the body (bell chiming) suggests that impact... (pneumatic hiss, clanking) oh! flack, what the hell is going on? what happened? hey brooks, you wanna tell me who shut the door? if this is a joke, so help me god-- i have a feeling we're going for a ride. whoa! i thought this train was empty. damn it, brooks, stop the train! danny! call the trainmaster's office-- control room-- see if they can't shut this thing down! on your radio, right now! find out what the hell is going on! officer: 310 to control-- we got a transit emergency down here. a train just cut loose... stella, nothing. hey, flack, try the other emergency brake. stripped! this is no practical joke. you gotta shut down the three train. mta operator: it's not responding. you gotta do it from up there.
12:03 am
there's a control box about 100 yards down the tunnel. you better hurry up and shut it down before it plows into the train in front of it, okay? now, the power source is on the right, inside the box. all right, hawkes, help me with the body. we got to get to the controls in front. (rapid beeping)
12:04 am
it's locked! (grunting) guys. hey, that train's not moving. get to the back of the train! whoa! you guys okay? you all right? yeah. can somebody tell me what just happened? we just got really lucky. stel... three-three-three. (sighs)


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